Positive Moon

Paradise is Possible by any means necessary

Paradise is Possible

by any means necessary

Positive Moon is curated by Christine Clark née Flanagan aka Missiformation aka Кристина.

She is a creative with a passion for positive social change, biographical writing, sustainable living, arts, music, film, participatory community events, and grassroots initiatives.

Currently living on a homestead in West Wales, using organic no-dig methods to grow vegetables, creating art and working closely with the rural community to create local history exhibitions.

This website was/is/will be again, a  showcase of works past, present and future.

Christine graduated from the Open University with a BSc in Psychology in 2014 and from the University of Sussex in 2021 with an MA in Media Practice for Development and Social Change.

In 2023 Christine became involved with the GANTOB project. Some of her written works can be found here.

Missiformation Arbat, Moscow 2015
Missiformation, Arbat, Moscow, 2015

Toxteth Day of the Dead in Buxton, Derbyshire 2021